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A new face at Buckland URC and IBEX South Coast

We are very pleased to be able to announce that The Revd Tim Clarke will be starting work in the Buckland URC/IBEX post at the beginning of November. The post Tim is leaving to come south is in the London Borough of Sutton at Wallington URC.

Prior to that he also has a wealth of experience, much of it in urban environments including overseeing a similar revamping in Nottingham to the Buckland Church, but with that SCM Community ministry post completing a second term not being able to enter its promised land across its River Jordan (in that case the River Trent). Here though a new Jordan awaits him to cross in Portsmouth and beyond and he is looking forward to the challenges it will bring. Tim’s CV when he first expressed an interest in the post looked too good to be true, showing experience and interest in some things which are of direct interest to IBEX – inter-faith matters and Chaplaincy to name but two. When we met him, it was soon realised that the CV was not “too good to be true” One sentence which stood out was “I want to feel that we ‘are making a difference for Christ’s sake”. We will have a lot to do to make sure we are making the best use of Tim’s skills and experience, while giving him a worthwhile and rewarding path to follow. A very warm welcome to Tim!

Buckland's new minister having tea with local MP and church members in the The Clock Coffee Shop

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