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How To's and Toolkits

How To’s: Working with others where God is already found at work, and we can join in and complement our efforts

For Churches and connected groups concerned about Mission and Social Justice the mantra these last few years has been to find out what God is doing out there, and then join in and add our offering to the efforts to build up the kingdom. IBEX have been interested in partner groups already engaged in offering resource material for those seeking to enter into specific projects.

A partner with IBEX, the Church of England’s Salisbury Diocese Social Justice Programme, have 6 Toolkits:

1- Champions (as in developing local contacts of people prepared to act as a Champion for Social Justice in a Church and/or Parish)

2- Good Neighbours (a funded scheme, of community engagement in practical application), which also operates across Hampshire in the Portsmouth and Winchester Dioceses.

3- Credit Unions

4- MakeLunch (meals for needy children in the school holidays, provided by parishes)

5- Environment

6- Community Audits (a way of finding out what is going on, and needed, in a local community).

They can be accessed and downloaded via the website

From the Salisbury Diocese web page, it also worth following the links on: Rural Ministry and Mission (and Agricultural Issues), Fairtrade, the Environment (Eco Church, and The Big Church Switch), Migration and Refugees, and Work with Other Churches, such as we hope this link exemplifies. IBEX hopes to develop its engagement this next year on Rural Issues especially, and we also note the important encouraging work on going around Migration and refugees. IBEX is delighted to be able to commend a partner positively engaged in these issues.

What’s next?

Salisbury Diocese Social Justice helped coordinate what we now know as Foodbanks. This became known as the Trussell Trust, whom are now one of the UK’s most significant providers of advice and support in setting up, liaising, and supporting Foodbanks.

Their website is

It has an excellent introductory film on setting up Foodbank provision, and much information on finding a Foodbank near you, and how one can work with them.

What to help? Put your post code in this link and you can work with them.

What to help?

Put your post code in this link and you can find one closest to you: one closest to you:

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