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Bullying - the follow up article.

When the bullying article was first considered, it was suggested it needs a part two. This is that part two.

Firstly, this is to invite suggestions, comments or stories on the subject, whether that be to give details of local support for victims of bullying, or whether at the other extreme to express the vies that people need to “pull themselves together” or “man up” (person up?).

Secondly, it is about “what can a body do if they need help or support in this area?” below is a list of links found from a couple of Google searches. These are worthwhile just as food for thought, as well as pointers for people who might need help.

Finally, those Google searches did include the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) and the IOD (Institute of Directors). Neither has anything in the way of guidelines in dealing with bullying from what I could see. BUT this does not mean those organisations are dismissive about the concept. The IOD website does have material about mental health, which mentions bullying. It is an organisation, after all, for individuals - Directors - who might have to deal with the issue. There is stuff on the CBI website dealing with Modern Slavery. I am not a “member” of the CBI, though, and can not access the whole website. One presumes that both organisations would take the matter seriously.

Further information:

The ACAS website has a lot about bullying, what should be seen as bullying and what people might do about it.

The TUC website has, as you might expect, a full section on bullying.

Specifically about online bullying, there is the National Bullying Helpline


There is a website “bullying UK”, which is part of Family Lives. This seems to cover all types of bullying, including workplace bullying, recognising that what goes on at work or in general outside the home can affect Family life.

The NHS website has some advice about bullying, and this is under mental health, recognising what a serious effect it can have.

Psychology today seeks to explain bullying, but also suggests firstly how behaviour in small children can be dealt with to prevent them becoming bullies in later life, and secondly gives advice on finding counsellors.


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