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Charities are #NeverMoreNeeded

#NeverMoreNeeded and the #RightNow campaign have been created to shed light on the importance of charities for all areas of the public sector, especially in response to Coronavirus. They have been created to show the government that urgent support and funding is desperately needed to ensure they continue to make a difference.

Sign the open letter here.

“Charities and other not-for-profit organisations make our communities stronger. In the toughest times, we provide support no-one else can.” #NeverMoreNeeded.

IBEX have joined the #NeverMoreNeeded campaign, as their vision to create “a fair and just society where every one of us can thrive” links directly with our mission to create a just, compassionate economy and society.

Right now food banks are a big part of this.

Did you know there are currently over 2,000 food banks in the UK* giving out on average 2,600 parcels of food a day? As the UK comes out of Covid we can expect the pressures on incomes to continue and food poverty to rise.

Charities are #NeverMoreNeeded and IBEX has already helped a number of churches set up food banks, soup kitchens, cafés and local fridges (see our Instagram story here).

We work with a range of denominations and are happy to give advice to anyone who wants to get involved.

In these difficult times it is not surprising that 2020, saw the highest rating of anxiety levels since records began and this year has seen an average of 20% of the population suffering from depressive symptoms. **

At IBEX we know that times are hard out in the economy, with businesses on the edge or closing and staff worried about their jobs. Local groups of chaplains have been on the ground with a listening ear to businesses, staff and customers. IBEX supports churches and businesses in setting up and developing chaplaincy so contact us if this is something you would like to explore.

Does chaplaincy help local businesses? The Mayor of Dorchester, Councillor Gareth Jones certainly thinks and is very appreciative of the Town Chaplaincy Team

“On behalf of myself and my fellow town councillors, I would like to thank you, the Dorchester Chaplaincy, for the work you are doing with people working in business in our town – especially in the retail sector.
Life as a small trader can be a lonely business at the best of times, and we are grateful that the Dorchester Chaplaincy is on hand to support them. We are particularly appreciative of the extra lengths to which the Chaplaincy has gone to maintain connections with retailers and staff during the pandemic.”

Small actions make a difference.

IBEX works with churches and other organisations driven by the Christian message of love thy neighbour and seeking a just and compassionate economy and society.

Small things we do make a difference. It could be smiling at a stranger, donating old cans to your local food bank, spending at your local store or giving an hour of your time to listen to a neighbour. Churches that look after the marginalised in our communities, host new mum groups, provide spaces for SEN groups to meet and creating a safe place to seek help and advice cast the net wider. It starts with a person, then a building, soon a group, until the voices reach governing bodies and those in power. With small actions, a larger impact grows until change is inevitable.

Without a healthy population, the economy cannot grow. To support our economy, we must first support our people.

This is why IBEX is #NeverMoreNeeded.

*Sourced House of Commons Library June 2021

**Sourced Office for National Statistics June 2021


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