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Whether you are interested in setting up a chaplaincy team or having chaplains in your workplace and business, IBEX is here to walk through the options with you and to share the benefit of its local and national workplace chaplaincy networks.

Helping Hands
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Churches and groups


Whether you have a definite plan for chaplains at work or just want to explore the possibility we will work with you to;

  • identify all the issues you need to think about before starting. 

  • plan the next steps and agree how IBEX can support you

  • identify sharing training opportunities with other groups

  • approach local work places and businesses

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Did you know that the main role of the chaplain in work is not to preach or try to recruit church members?

Their role is to provide a resource for people at work to talk about anything that is worrying them  - and could be affecting their performance at work.

Across Hampshire and Dorset there are chaplains working in local shops, shopping centres, local councils, law courts and with development companies for major new housing projects

What are some of the benefits?

For your business;

  • helping to manage conflict in the organisation

  • promoting the well being of your staff

  • supports higher levels of performance and profitability

For you;

  • the chaplain can be a trusted sounding board and critical friend

Whether you have already decided that you want to explore chaplaincy support in your business and work place or are just curious about the potential benefits, we can work with you to explore the business case, connect with other businesses who have chaplains and link you with local chaplaincy groups.

How we can help: Who We Are

Networking for existing chaplains at work


We support existing chaplaincy organisations and teams:

  • to look for opportunities to share experiences and good practice.

  •  to look for opportunities to work together on common issues such as recruitment and training of volunteers.

  • to link into current thinking about chaplaincy practice and plans

How we can help: Who We Are

Contact Us

When you contact us we will offer you an initial meeting to talk about your ideas and to get a clear understanding of what you are looking for and how we can help you.

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